Using Hindawi’s Online Proofing System – Video Transcript

Once a manuscript has been accepted into a Hindawi journal, our production team begins the process of turning it into a final formatted version, ready for publication.

Our Online Proofing System – or ‘OPS’ – has been designed to make the process of reviewing these changes as simple as possible.

When your article is ready for review, you’ll receive an email from Hindawi providing you with a link to the OPS. You log into the OPS using the same account details as you used for the Manuscript Tracking System when submitting your manuscript.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be shown the details of the paper in need of your attention. If you need a co-author to review the manuscript, you can also opt to re-assign it using the ‘Assign to Another Author’ link. Click the ‘In Progress’ link, next to the paper you need to review, to be taken to the proofing interface.

The main OPS menu appears in the top left corner of your screen. This provides a quick summary of the items requiring your attention. The numerical indicator shows you the total number of outstanding comments. Click ‘Composition comments’ to expand the list of comments, then click on a specific comment to be taken to the precise location within the manuscript.

You need to provide a reply to each comment using the text box that appears to the left of the article text. Press the ‘Save’ button to finalise your response. You’ll need to reply to all the comments within the manuscript before you can submit your corrections, but this doesn’t have to be done in a single session. Saved comments will still be present if you need to come back later. At any time, you can discard any changes made since the last saved draft, or revert to the initial version.

If there are any changes that you wish to make to the text of your manuscript, just click into the body text and make your changes as you would in a word processor. Your amendments will be highlighted as tracked changes, providing a clear indicator where updates have been made. These can then be reviewed by our production team.

You can also add your own comments to a figure, a table, an equation, a reference or a passage of text. Just select the relevant section, and click the plus sign button that appears. Add any general comments to the manuscript using the button that appears in the top right of the screen.

If you need to provide any updated files, such as detailed annotations on an image file, you can use the ‘Attachments’ link to upload the necessary items.

Once you’re satisfied with your responses to our comments, press the ‘Submit corrections’ button. If you’ve missed any comments, we’ll flag these up for your attention. Any comments without a response will appear in red.

With your corrections submitted, the Hindawi production team will continue the process of finalising your article. We provide a summary of each set of corrections you’ve provided, so you can remind yourself of the stages your manuscript has gone through.

Once all of the corrections have been implemented, our production team will publish your article in full online. You will be alerted via email once your article is available to view.