Using the Manuscript Tracking System and submitting your first manuscript to Hindawi – Video Transcript

Hindawi’s Manuscript Tracking System – or ‘MTS’ – is the gateway to publishing your research in a Hindawi Journal. The MTS can be accessed by visiting

Using the MTS requires an account. You can create a new account by following the ‘Create an account’ link that appears on the main login page. The signup process only takes a minute – we don’t need many details from you.

Once you’ve created your account or signed in, you’re ready to start using the MTS. From the main navigation bar you can make changes to your profile using the ‘Update account’ link, or by visiting

The update page allows you to modify your login details. We recommend that you always have your current email address associated with your MTS account.

You should also link your Hindawi profile to an ORCID account. This can be done using the link at the top of the page, or by visiting Hindawi requires that all corresponding authors provide an ORCID ID.

Now that your account is ready to go, we can look at the process of submitting a manuscript.

From the main MTS screen, follow the ‘Submit a Manuscript’ link.You’ll need to select your intended journal from the alphabetical list. With your journal selected, you’ll be able to choose between submitting to a regular issue, or submitting to a special issue. Any special issues currently accepting submissions will be listed here. Select the appropriate option to progress to the next stage.

You should review the questions listed at the top of the page and make sure that you are happy with these terms before proceeding.

Next, you will need to specify the total number of authors that appear on the manuscript you’re submitting. You will need to provide names, email addresses, affiliations and country details for each author, so we recommend collecting these details before you begin the submission process.

You should also nominated the corresponding author, who will be responsible for the manuscript throughout the publication process.

Use the ‘Manuscript Title’ field to provide the title of your manuscript and use the drop down menu under ‘Manuscript Type’ to specify the type of article you intend to publish.

Finally, you will need to provide your manuscript files. Your manuscript should be uploaded in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format, with any figures and tables included within the text. Note that if your manuscript is accepted for publication, any figures and equations will be professionally reprocessed by Hindawi’s in-house team.

We recommend carefully reviewing the completed submission form before you submit. It will be possible to make amendments later, but incorrect or inaccurate details harm the chances of your paper being accepted for publication. Once you’re happy, use the ‘submit’ button. Providing everything in the form is completed properly, you’ll receive confirmation of your submission.

On the confirmation screen you’ll receive a unique tracking code for your manuscript, which you can click to view the details and status of your submission. You’ll also receive a link to this page via email.

You can access details of your submitted manuscripts and their status by clicking the ‘Author Activities’ link that now appears on the MTS navigation bar. This dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of any submissions that you have made. Click on the icon that appears above a manuscript number to access the detailed page for that item.

Congratulations on submitting your manuscript to Hindawi! Our editorial team will be in touch very soon to update you on the status of your submission.