The Hindawi Institutional Partnership Program – Video Transcript

Managing open access publications for any institution isn’t easy. Discovering what your researchers have submitted; finding where and when articles have been published; understanding license conditions; It all makes for a daily struggle.

On top of this you have to worry about policing deposits into the institutional repository and ensuring compliance with the latest funder mandate. The challenges seem huge.

At Hindawi, we want to help lift some of your administrative burden, so we developed the Hindawi Institutional Partnership program.

As an institutional member, you have full visibility of every manuscript submitted to any Hindawi journal with at least one author affiliated with your institution. Alerts can be activated to let you know when there’s a new submission, an accepted article or an article has been published.

Management of the manuscripts is easy, with an intuitive interface that allows you to accept or reject manuscripts for central institutional funding, whilst keeping all affiliated papers in one central view. A detailed breakdown of article data can be downloaded for reporting purposes.

The workflow is flexible and can be adapted to suit your institutional needs. You can customize the messaging that authors from your institution see on, set the requirements for acceptance for institutional financial support and decide how or if you want to offer central payment of Article Processing Charges.

Once the article is published, the final published version and corresponding metadata can be automatically sent to your institutional repository without requiring any researcher intervention – allowing them to focus on their next research breakthrough.

By becoming a Hindawi partner, you’ll also be providing a significant discount on Article Processing Charges for all researchers at your institution. So you’re not only making life easier for yourself, but keeping your researchers happy too!

Visit to find out more about the Hindawi Institutional Partnerships Program.