Thomas Faust


Thomas Faust | Hindawi

Thomas joined Hindawi in 2017, having previously spent two years as an Associate Editor at Nature Communications, and then Nature Chemistry. Before embarking on a career in publishing he pursued research in chemistry, investigating zero- and multi-dimensional molecular assemblies for various applications, including ion and small molecule sequestration, and the manipulation of spin states and magnetic exchange.

He received an MChem from the University of Sheffield (2008) and PhD from the University of Manchester (2012), the latter including a period at the University of Valencia. His doctoral thesis focused on the synthesis of large paramagnetic assemblies for potential use in quantum information processing systems. He continued at Manchester as a Doctoral Prize Fellow, before taking up a postdoctoral position at the University of Sydney working on metal-organic frameworks.

Thomas is the Publisher for the physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, and computer science journals at Hindawi.