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Hindawi provides bespoke publishing solutions to support publishers looking to embrace the opportunities offered by Open Access

Why Hindawi?

Extensive expertise

Custom publishing support

Cost effective

Hindawi has been publishing Open Access journals for over 10 years. We have a world class team with extensive experience in all aspects of journal publishing.

We aim to empower journal publishers by allowing them to choose the systems and support they need without giving away editorial control.

Hindawi publishes almost 20,000 articles a year through our proprietary systems. Publishing partners benefit from our scale and systems to keep costs to a minimum.

If you are a publisher that is considering transitioning existing subscription journals to Open Access, launching a new OA journal, or seeking system support for your society journal then we have a solution for you.

We offer a modular set of solutions to support in three main areas:

Editorial system support;

Production proofing and output;

Publishing platform development and distribution.

Our Approach

Every partnership is unique, but two of the most common approaches are described here:

Complete Model

Post-Acceptance Model

Hindawi supports all aspects of the journal publishing process, including the editorial (both internally and externally based), production, publication, and distribution processes. Final articles are loaded to a publication platform of your choosing.

Hindawi Publishing Partnerships Complete Model

The editorial process is managed by the journal publisher. Accepted manuscripts are sent to Hindawi for production, publication and distribution. Final articles are loaded to a publication platform of your choosing.

Hindawi Publishing Partnerships Post Acceptance Model

Case Study: Wiley

John Wiley and Sons, Inc. and Hindawi launched a collaborative Open Access publishing partnership in June 2016. Nine Wiley subscription journals were selected to be flipped to an Open Access model supported by Article Processing Charges. The journals were launched for submissions in June 2016 with their first articles publishing in January, 2017.Wiley Hindawi Partnership Journals

Hindawi manages the editorial and production workflow for each of the journals within the partnership. Articles published in these journals are now hosted on

The journals in this partnership are run using a distributed academic editorial board model and all content continues to undergo a robust peer review process.

Results since launch

7,046 submissions         1,500 accepted articles

(as of December 2017)

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Each publishing partnership is unique and tailored to the specific publishers’ needs. If you are interested hearing more or want to discuss ideas of how we may be able to support you, please get in touch:

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