Memberships FAQ

At the start of your membership

What we need from you and why

In addition to the basic information about your institution, we need to collect the following additional information before we can create your account:

Once we have the necessary details, we’ll be able to get your account finalised and ready for you to use.

Announcing/promoting your membership

Communicating your Hindawi membership to your researchers helps to get the best value from your membership. Providing details on your library website – including the relevant APC discount and any eligibility requirements – will allow authors to take advantage of the membership, while minimising the support they need from you.

If your library website has a list of publisher memberships, you should also add details of your Hindawi membership.

If you would like to to receive resources or require other assistance, please contact

Best practice when communicating with researchers

We often receive enquiries from authors about the details of a membership. When we receive these enquiries, we do our best to direct the author to the relevant material on your library website and to alert them to any specific requirements. We will also provide them with your contact email address so they can clarify any questions with you directly.

If you have any specific resources you would like us to share with enquiring authors, please provide us with instructions.

Automatic deposit to institutional repositories

Hindawi provides free automatic deposits of published articles into your institutional repository. This reduces the need to ask researchers to deposit a copy of their work and gives you a full picture of the research from your institution being published in Hindawi journals.

We use the SWORD protocol to enable these deposits. If your repository is able to receive content via SWORD and you would like to enable automatic deposits, you just need to provide us with SWORD endpoint details.

Our technical team will support you through the process of getting everything set up, including sending you a test deposit to verify the configuration.

Please visit this page and follow the steps listed.

Note that for customers in the UK, Hindawi content is also provided via JISC Publications Router. If you already use this service, there is no need to configure a direct deposit.

During your membership

How it works

Whenever a manuscript is submitted for publication in a Hindawi journal, the submitting author must provide certain key details about the manuscript. This includes a list of the authors that contributed to the manuscript, as well as their institutional affiliations. If an author on a manuscript claims to be affiliated to your institution – and providing that we are able to verify this affiliation – the manuscript will be automatically included in your membership. This means it will appear in the ‘Under Review Manuscripts’ section when you log into the Hindawi MMS. You are then able to verify the details of the submission yourself, and make a decision as to whether it should continue to be included in your membership.

Only manuscripts submitted during your membership period will be included in your membership. Manuscripts that were submitted prior to the membership start date and are in the process of Editorial review will not appear in your MMS dashboard.

Having a Hindawi membership has no bearing on the editorial processes applied to a manuscript. Submissions from authors at member institutions are subject to the same scrutiny as any other manuscript.

How we verify affiliations

Our Editorial Quality Screening team look closely at the affiliations being claimed by authors listed on a manuscript. They will attempt to verify these affiliations by looking for corroborating details, such as a listing in an institutional directory, or by past publishing activity.

If they are unable to verify the affiliation, the team will normally contact the author to ask for additional details.

Membership duration

For Associate and Unlimited memberships, the membership lasts for one year. We will contact you towards the end of the year to ask if you wish to renew your membership.

For Deposit memberships, the membership will run until it is cancelled – providing adequate funds are assigned to the account. We will contact you when your deposit approaches depletion to arrange a top up of funds. You can cancel your deposit membership at any point after the first six months. If you choose to cancel your membership, we will return any unspent funds.

Using the MMS

You can download a detailed guide to the MMS here.

What happens when a submission is excluded?

When a manuscript is excluded, the authors will be responsible for paying the APC in full.

We recommend that you contact the author claiming an affiliation to explain why their manuscript is ineligible for inclusion in your institutional membership.

Any excluded manuscripts will appear in the ‘Excluded Manuscripts’ table in the MMS.

Re-including manuscripts

If you have excluded a manuscript and would like to restore it to your membership, please contact with details.

Assigning coupons (Associate memberships only)

As an associate member, you have access to several 100% waivers that can be assigned to manuscripts at your discretion. We refer to these waivers as ‘coupons’. These coupons can be used to allow authors at your institution to publish in a Hindawi journal without charge.

To assign a coupon, visit the ‘Assign Coupon to Manuscript’ page in the MMS.

When a deposit is depleted (Deposit memberships only)

As manuscripts affiliated to your institution are accepted, the APC for each will be drawn from the sum you originally deposited. You can keep track of the amount remaining in your account by visiting the Membership Report page.

Our support team will contact you when your balance drops below a certain level. It’s important to remember that there may be several manuscripts already under consideration at any given time, and their acceptance could deplete the remaining account balance.

If your account balance is depleted, we will continue to process and accept manuscripts but will also ask you to top up your account as a matter of priority. You can alternatively opt to instruct us to exclude any new manuscripts until the account has been replenished.

Topping up your deposit (Deposit memberships only)

To top up your account you just need to inform us of the additional sum you wish to deposit by contacting We will raise an invoice for the sum and send this to you for processing.

Once the payment is made, your account will be updated to reflect your new balance. Note, that if your account was previously negative, your deposited sum will be used to pay off this deficit, before the remaining funds are credited to your account.

How manuscripts with authors from different member institutions are handled

In the event that a manuscript has affiliated authors from two or more member institutions, the specific funding will depend on the type of membership held by each institution.

These situations are handled on a case-by-case basis and we will usually contact the involved parties to discuss the details of each.

Under no circumstances will two member institutions pay the APC for the same manuscript.

At the end of your membership


As you approach the end of your membership term (for members with an Associate or Unlimited membership) we will contact you to discuss whether you wish to renew your membership.

If you have a Deposit membership, we will contact you as and when your deposit is approaching depletion to discuss the topping up of your account.

If you feel that a particular membership model isn’t working for you, please do contact us to discuss possible alternatives. We’re very happy to work with you to find a better solution.

Calculating renewal quotes for Unlimited memberships (Unlimited memberships only)

The price for an unlimited membership depends on your institution’s level of published output in Hindawi journals over the last 12 months. If your level of output has increased during the period of your unlimited membership, the price to renew your unlimited membership will be commensurately higher.

Access to the MMS

If you choose not to renew your membership, you will lose the ability to log into the MMS at the end of your membership term.

Our support team will continue to provide you with the data you need.

What happens when coupons aren’t used? (Associate memberships only)

If you have opted to renew your associate membership, these coupons will be ‘rolled over’ to your new membership period – where they can be applied using the dedicated MMS menu. They will expire if not used after three months.

If you choose not to renew your membership, you will still be entitled to use any outstanding coupons within three months of the end of your membership. However, as you will no longer have access to the MMS, you will need to contact with the details of the manuscript to which you would like to apply the coupon.

What happens to under consideration manuscripts at the end of a membership?

Any manuscripts that have been submitted before the end of your membership period will still be covered by your membership, however you will no longer have access to the MMS in order to track their progress.

If you have any questions that haven’t been covered here, please contact