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Hindawi enables all institutions to automatically receive copies of all articles authored by affiliated researchers. This helps to provide a more complete picture of your researchers’ activity, including their published output and collaborations.

Register your details with us and we’ll send a full-text copy of any article with an author affiliated to your institution. Articles will be automatically deposited in your repository as they’re published, reducing the need for you to ask authors to file a copy manually. Articles published in any of Hindawi’s journals will be included. This service is offered free of charge.

Claim Your Institution's Published Output

To register, you just need to create an account for us using as the username. Send the account details to, along with your SWORD endpoint and any other requirements. If deposits to your repository are restricted to whitelisted IP addresses, for example, please let us know so we can supply you with the relevant details. Our technical team will configure the account, test the deposit process and verify that everything is working properly. We can also assist you with any queries about specific articles.

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We also provide a complete record of all articles published in Hindawi journals by authors from each institution. You can access this information without having to register.

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