Claiming a Hindawi Coupon

This page explains how to redeem a coupon code to claim a discounted Article Processing Charge (APC) for a Hindawi journal. If you have received a coupon, follow the steps below to begin the claim process.

Coupon Claim Process
A Hindawi coupon is claimed by adding it to your Hindawi Manuscript Tracking System (MTS) account. This ‘saves’ the coupon for future use. At a later date, once you’ve submitted a manuscript to a Hindawi journal, you can choose to assign the saved coupon to your submission. If your manuscript is accepted for publication your APC invoice will be automatically discounted.

All coupons have a ‘Claim by’ date. You must make sure you have claimed your coupon before this date passes. We recommend claiming your coupon as quickly as possible. All coupons also have an ‘Expiry’ date. You must complete the process of assigning your coupon to a submitted manuscript by this date.

The steps below are divided into the process of Claiming your coupon and Assigning your coupon to a submission.

Claiming your coupon

  1. Visit You will need to log into your Hindawi account. If you do not already have an account, you can create one by visiting Visit once you have successfully created your account and logged in.
  2. This page contains a field that prompts you to enter your coupon code. This code will be clearly stated in the email or promotional material you received. Once you have entered your code, press the ‘Claim’ button.
  3. Once your coupon has been accepted, it will be added to the ‘Available Coupons’ table below.

The claim process is now complete.

Assigning your coupon to a submission

Once you have submitted a manuscript for publication in a Hindawi journal, you can choose to apply your saved coupon. This will apply the relevant discount to the APC invoice for that submission, providing it is accepted for publication.

  1. Visit You will need to log into your Hindawi account.
  2. Once logged in, you will see a summary of the coupons you have saved to your account. Each item lists the discount amount and the expiry date (see below). Find the coupon you wish to use.
  3. Using the dropdown menu that appears in the ‘Manuscript’ column, select your submitted manuscript. If you have multiple submissions, all of them will appear in this list. Make sure you select the correct submission.
  4. Press the ‘Assign’ button to confirm that you wish to assign the coupon.

The assignment process is now complete.

Providing your submission is accepted for publication, the APC invoice you receive will be automatically discounted by the relevant amount. If your submission is not accepted, your coupon will be released back to your account for assignment to a different submission.

If you encounter any difficulties with either claiming or assigning your coupon, please contact

Terms and conditions

A coupon must be added to a Hindawi user account by the ‘Claim By’ date which will be clearly stated on the original coupon.
A coupon must be assigned to a submitted manuscript by the ‘Expiry’ date. A coupon that has not been assigned by this date is expired and will be removed from the user’s account.
Only one coupon can be used on a single submitted manuscript.
Coupons have no monetary value.
Hindawi reserves the right to refuse a coupon when misuse or abuse is detected.