Using Hindawi’s Manuscript Tracking System – Video Guide

Using the Hindawi Manuscript Tracking System - Video Guide

One of our key objectives at Hindawi is to make life as easy as possible for authors – especially when it comes to submitting a manuscript for publication. To meet this goal, we’re constantly investing in the technologies that underpin our submission workflow. The key piece of our infrastructure is the Manuscript Tracking System (or ‘MTS’). This is the system that powers the submission process for all Hindawi journals.

This new video – the first in an upcoming series of guides to Hindawi’s systems – provides an initial overview of the MTS. It covers the process of creating an account, updating your personal profile and submitting your first manuscript for publication in a Hindawi journal. It also shows you how to track a manuscript post-submission, allowing  you to follow the stages that your manuscript goes through on its way to becoming a published article.

The MTS has been designed from the ground up to be both intuitive and simple – the average user takes just four minutes to submit a manuscript – so we’ve kept this video brief, giving you just a quick introduction to key features of the system. We recommend watching it before you use the MTS for the first time. Once you’re ready to get started, head to to create your own account.

A transcript of this video can be found here.

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