The Hindawi team is expanding – Meet the latest additions

With many new projects in the works and exciting plans for the future, our head offices in London will soon be too small to fit us all. We are pleased to announce that we have six new members on board. The latest round of expansion includes highly-motivated and experienced individuals keen on making an impact through their expertise and passion for their craft but also the Hindawi brand. Without further ado, meet the latest additions to the Hindawi team.

Karl Yates, Customer Services Manager 

Customer Service is an integral part of Hindawi’s values. It is important that publishers not only seek to publish high-quality content but also pair this with equally high-quality customer support.

I come to Hindawi with 5 years of experience in building strong relationships with customers and almost 4 years building these relationships specifically in scientific publishing. After graduating from Aston University with a Human Psychology degree, I spent some time promoting multi-discipline conferences to scientists worldwide and got to hear first-hand about the fascinating research being conducted by these individuals. I then decided to move into the world of scientific publishing to help contribute to the process of how this research is shared.

I joined the Microbiology Society as Customer Service Coordinator in 2013, where I provided support for customers and refined operating procedures to give these customers the best experience possible. I held various other roles with the Society as I continued to focus on the overall customer experience. The Microbiology Society began launching open-access journals during this period and I quickly realized that the open-access model aligned with my own personal views on publishing, leading me to join Hindawi.

As Customer Services Manager, my priority is to ensure that our customer service is of high-quality and exceeds customer expectations. We aim to understand our customers’ thoughts and concerns, keeping these at the forefront of our minds as we look to continually improve our services and products. I am very excited to be working with Hindawi, a forward-thinking company that is committed to open-access and open-science. I hope to reflect this commitment to openness in our customer support, making sure that the lines of communication always remain open.

Vipul Khatri,
 Web and Visual Designer   

With over 14 years industry experience in Web, user interface and digital design, I now enter the realm of scholarly publishing with Hindawi. The publishing sector is quite new to me but I enjoy the challenges that come with changing sectors. In the past, I have worked in education, distribution and, most recently, retail. Prior to Hindawi, I was working at John Lewis as Senior Web Designer, where I was involved in the design of high-season campaigns, such as Christmas, Mother’s day and Easter – all great fun!

At Hindawi, I will be working on a range of projects form Marketing design to updating and enhancing our portfolio of digital systems. I have a passion for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) and a strong understanding of the science behind usability and interaction design. I am hoping to use this expertise to deliver highly functional, user-friendly interfaces that will enhance the experience for all our customers.


Tarik Patel, Head of User Experience Design

Driven by a deep interest in digital technologies, I first tapped into the field of Web Design back in 1998 when I was still living in India.

Over the past two decades, I have explored different areas of this field and taken up projects involving all aspects of the user-centered design process, such as user experience strategy, expert review, user interface structure, detailed design, usability testing and validation, and persuasion strategy.

I moved to London in 2008 to join a specialist multi-channel retail agency and tech consultancy, where I got the opportunity to work for different sectors and clients like Barclays, Citibank, TAG, Evans Cycle, TUI, Direct Wines and many others.

My hands-on experience in creating intuitive design and implementing product strategy enables me to create value for users by transforming the customer journey. My personal motto is: “design digital products that encompass user mental model”. At Hindawi, I will be working on improving the user experience across all of our products. My goal is to provide authors and institutions with the best possible user experience to research communication and publishing.


Fani Kelesidou, Digital Marketing Specialist

Equipped with solid experience in scholarly publishing roles, editorial and marketing, and a passion for all things ‘digital’, I recently joined the Hindawi team to help project this innovative brand to a global audience.

My career in publishing began in late 2011 while still based in Greece – the country I call ‘home’. I started out as a freelance business journalist trying to unravel the mysteries of investing in the stock market while translating complex information into something everybody could easily digest and worked mainly for US-based multimedia financial-services companies. Three years later, feeling it was time I embarked on a new challenge, I moved to Switzerland where I spent some time exploring the country’s world-class delicacies and specialties, including – but not limited to – chocolate, fondues, pens, banks, watches, and pocket knives. I joined Frontiers, an open-access publisher, in 2014 and the International AIDS Society (IAS) in early 2015 on short-term contracts working as a peer review specialist and ensuring high-quality delivery of special issues.

The next stop on my journey was London. In late 2015, I joined the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH), an STM society. At ACAMH, I was responsible for increasing engagement and developing the society’s brand whilst raising awareness of the organization’s world-renowned publications.

I am a firm believer in the notion that research and science should be open by default. My aim is to build meaningful relationships with authors, editors, institutional partners, and influencers in the field of Open Science. I will be the person behind the hashtags ensuring that your message is being heard.


Vishakha Bhansali, Digital Marketing Analyst

I recently joined Hindawi to work on data analysis and email marketing optimization. With a passion for numbers and an MBA in Finance and Operations under my belt, I’ve spent the past five years working in e-commerce, business analysis, and statistical modeling roles for brands like Infosys, Loveknitting and Kidstart based in India and England.

I believe that students shape the research of tomorrow. Therefore, having research openly available gives them access to a world of knowledge, which is of paramount importance for the future of science. This is why I am thrilled to be working with Hindawi, a brand that is committed to serving a social purpose.

At Hindawi, I will be digging deeper into statistics, performance indicators and key metrics trying to navigate myself through the labyrinth that is data and unearth valuable insights. I will strive to ensure that all these insights are translated into more efficient business offerings and that authors, editors, institutions, and partners are provided with a seamless, data-driven experience.


Otite Paul A O, Financial Accountant

Accounting provides an in-depth understanding of how departments integrate and independently achieve strategic objectives.

I joined Hindawi as a Financial Accountant. I believe, as gatekeepers within the publishing industry, Open Access is pivotal to pushing the boundaries of accessibility and innovation. My role at Hindawi involves understanding the intricacies of the publishing industry as well as interpreting our day to day business activities in order to translate them into budgets, monthly management reports, and financial statements.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and a graduate of the Business School at University of Buckingham. Prior to my role at Hindawi, I gained experience in risk management which involved providing stability in conflict resolution areas such as Iraq, Palestine and Syria through financial modeling.


The photos and illustration in this blog post are by Hindawi and are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).