The Hindawi Publishing Process Explained – Infographic

The Hindawi Publishing Process Explained

What happens to a manuscript after you submit it for publication in a journal? At Hindawi, we try to ensure that the publishing process is as quick as possible, but it’s important to bear in mind that a manuscript needs to go through many checks and processes before it can be published as a final journal article. We aim to strike a careful balance between publishing your article in a timely fashion and maintaining our very high standards of academic rigour.

To give you an insight into what happens ‘behind the scenes’ at Hindawi, we’ve produced a new infographic that provides a simplified summary of the process. You can view and download our new infographic here.

This infographic provides an insight into not just the number of processes, but also the number people involved in each stage – including Hindawi employees, members of the journal’s Editorial Board and expert peer reviewers from around the world.

It also gives an insight into the decisions that are taken while a manuscript is under consideration, helping you to prepare for some of the feedback you might receive. Although you’ve worked hard on your manuscript, remember that some areas may require improvement before it can receive final approval.

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