Supporting the Hindawi Editor community

Hindawi is today launching their dedicated Editor Community, which will become the primary route for all communications with its Editors. The site is tailored to Editors’ needs, with training materials, key updates and documents and guidelines around publication policies and practices.

The community site will be hosted by Hivebrite and is designed to support and engage Editors; from Hindawi’s new Chief Editors through to the Academic Editors who have worked on their journals for many years. All communications will be channelled through the site so Editors are kept well informed and have the opportunity to engage with other Editors, share details of the academic year ahead, and access resources and materials for their journals.

“Without our valued Editors, our team wouldn’t be able to provide millions of researchers with access to the research they need every month.”

Key features include:

  • Live feed for regular updates from the Hindawi team
  • Community directory, where Editors can find colleagues from all around the world serving on the boards of other Hindawi journals
  • An extensive  media centre where  resources and training materials accessed and downloaded, to support Editors in their role
  • Data and trend reports to read the latest discoveries in a field and discover news related to a journal
  • Events calendar, where Editors can promote events they are involved in, and see the conferences their colleagues are attending

Paul Peters, CEO of Hindawi, says:

“Without our valued Editors, our team wouldn’t be able to provide millions of researchers with access to the research they need every month. Their dedication to the discovery, review, and publication of research is fundamental to the growth and impact of the journals they manage and truly benefits their fields. This new community site will better support them as Editors as well as researchers and enable them to feel more a part of the Hindawi family.” 

Sarah Greaves, Chief Publishing Editor at Hindawi, adds:

“We believe that science works best when research is performed and communicated in an open and collaborative way. This site allows us an opportunity to improve our communication with our community of Editors, to provide a knowledge centre for Editors and to open up a global community for Editors to search and collaborate with. We are delighted to offer this new resource to our Editors.”

Julie Young is Senior Marketing Manager at Hindawi. This blog post a is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). Illustration by Hindawi and is also CC-BY.