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The current proprietary infrastructure systems within scholarly communications are not agile or flexible enough to respond to the rapid changes happening in the industry, including emerging funder requirements, shifting business models, and technological advances. At Hindawi, we decided it’s about time this changed.

We aim to bring down unnecessary barriers to research communication by providing simple open source tools that can be easily reused and contributed back into the research community. Our end goal is to build the software that powers open research. It’s clear to us that transformation can only be achieved when we decide to work with others.

In 2018, we made a decision to partner with the Coko Foundation and later that year we became its first sponsor. In that same year, we embarked on a project to rebuild our entire publishing infrastructure as interoperable open source components that would be released for free.  Using Coko’s open source PubSweet framework, we started development on our first module in January 2018. The system, which we call “Phenom Reviewer”, is flexible enough to support our publishing partners as well as our own portfolio of journals.

“Being part of a community encourages convention over configuration.”

Andrew Smeall
Chief Digital Officer

Coko’s mission to facilitate the creation of community-owned open infrastructure for research communication that fosters collaboration, integrity, and speed is something that we want to support. By bringing together like-minded organisations, such as eLife and Europe PMC, Coko offered the opportunity to create a community-led and community-driven solution — built by the community for the community.

Each partner has a slightly different end goal in mind. What brought us together was the desire to place the researcher at the heart of everything we do and focus on the needs of the research community. Ultimately, we aim to create solutions that leverage the power of the web, making research more open, more transparent, and faster.  

On May 29, representatives from Coko, eLife, and Hindawi will be in San Diego presenting at the SSP 41st Annual Meeting. We will discuss the benefits of open source, community-led solutions and showcase practical examples of how these solutions can be implemented.

Join our session at SSP:

Session 2D

Leveraging Open Source Technology to Enable Real Change in Scholarly Communications/Moving Beyond Current Technology Silos.

Thursday, May 30

Concurrent Sessions 2:00 – 3:00 pm


Join us for a pre-meeting seminar at the Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Meeting. A panel of speakers will discuss how community-owned infrastructure is growing. More information about the pre-meeting seminar here:

To find out more about the platforms that are built on top of PubSweet (including eLife’s development of an end-to-end publisher workflow, starting with Libero Reviewer) visit

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Fani Kelesidou is Marketing Communications Manager at Hindawi. Connect with her on Twitter @fanikelesidou. This blog post is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). The illustration is by Hindawi and is also CC-BY.