Pint of Science: Celebrating research discovery across the globe

As one of the world’s largest fully open access publishers, we firmly believe that science works best when research is open. Information access is central to global development and scientific breakthrough. Pint of Science moves research out of the lab and into the public domain and so was an obvious partnership for Hindawi.

Open Access for all of us at Hindawi is not just a way to make articles free to read and free to reuse by anyone anywhere in the world. It’s a way to help shift the culture of how we communicate science to one that is more inclusive, more collaborative, more constructive. works best when research is open. Click To Tweet

By assisting other publishers in moving towards a more open publishing program, by taking action when we see an opportunity to change how things are done, and by supporting the development of an open scholarly communications infrastructure,  we are playing our part in the global transition to an open scholarly world.

Co-founders of Pint of Science, Praveen and Michael, and International Director, Elodie, along with more than 5000 volunteers across the globe play their part in making research as open and accessible as possible by linking science to the ‘real world’.



Spanned across 6 continents and 21 countries with nearly 100,000 attendees, this award-winning festival brings together our favorite scientists to our local pubs, where some of the greatest ideas were born; among friends, sharing a drink and imagining a world where one more question was answered and one more solution was found.

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring this year’s Pint of Science festival of events in the UK, France, Ireland, and Germany. We invite you to join us for a pint of beer with a touch of science talk, knowledge sharing, and ideas exchange.


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