Connect with a Peerwith expert to take your manuscript to the next level

One of Hindawi’s key objectives is to provide the best experience possible for authors. While we aim to make the process of submitting a manuscript as simple as possible, we also recognize the importance of providing services that could assist researchers in the pre-submission stage. This is why we’re making a concerted effort to improve the range of author services we offer, both directly and via partners.

Today, we’re delighted to be able to announce that we’re now working with the innovative author services provider Peerwith. Most editing services focus solely on the language of a manuscript, but with Peerwith’s Scientific Editing service researchers with experience in your discipline will assist in developing the manuscript both structurally and scientifically. The other advantage of this service is visibility, with the profiles of available experts visible and searchable so authors can choose the most relevant person to work with them.

The process is simple, as an author looking to improve your manuscript, you provide Peerwith with a brief summary of your objectives using the newly-launched Peerwith Hindawi portal. Your request is passed to experts from your field of study, who then provide a quote based on your specific requirements. After assessing their quotes and the profiles, you can make a selection, before agreeing a final fee directly with the expert of your choice. Delivery is managed via Peerwith’s dashboard. You’re able to check in at any point – and the expert can also contact you if they need any additional information.

This represents a major opportunity for authors who want to take their manuscript to the next level. By providing you with a direct connection to a subject expert and complete control over the definition of your request, Peerwith enables you to retain complete control over the direction of your research. Your research is personal, so it’s important that the feedback you receive is also tailored to you.

We’re excited to be able to offer Peerwith’s services and we’re committed to bringing you additional author services. Visit the new Peerwith Hindawi portal for more information or to submit your first request.

Hindawi has partnered with Hindawi to deliver author services to Hindawi authors

Joris van Rossum (co-founder and CEO, Peerwith) and Richard Bennett (Commercial Director, Hindawi).

It’s been an exciting time for Peerwith. Not only are they partnering with us, but they’ve also joined the Digital Science family. Read the announcement at the Digital Science News Blog for more information.


Although our author services have been carefully selected to help you produce the best possible version of your manuscript, we have to emphasize that using them does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted for publication. We hold all manuscripts to the highest academic standards, and all accepted manuscripts are subject to full peer review.


Download a press release of the partnership announcement (PDF, 17KB).

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