Is it OAWeek yet? Share your thoughts with us and help an author publish for free

We are witnessing the transition to a more open, more inclusive scholarly system. However, as governments, funders (as highlighted in the recent Plan S announcement), universities, and publishers adopt more open policies and practices, several challenges arise. Increasingly, institutions will be drawn into finding solutions to these challenges, which more often than not, will land at the library’s door.

For Open Access Week this year (October 22-28, 2018), we want to hear from you. What, in your opinion, are the major challenges facing you in an expanding Open Access world. What needs to be done in order to achieve a scholarly communications system that truly serves all?

Please share with us your thoughts via email at and will be brought together in a blog post to be published online during Open Access Week. All featured contributors will receive a full Article Processing Charge (APC) waiver to give out to an author from their institution.

Behind every good researcher there is a great librarian helping us find our way through a world of knowledge and to make research more open. We want to acknowledge and thank you for your contribution.

Fani Kelesidou is Marketing Communications Manager at Hindawi. 

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