Launching ‘Research’: Hindawi’s first white-label publishing partnership

We are very excited to announce the launch of Research, a new journal collaboration between Hindawi and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Research is a new open access journal published by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST). The journal opened for submissions on 19th March with first articles expected to be published around the middle of 2018.

This collaboration sees two publishers working together and combining their expertise to develop one journal. AAAS uses its editorial expertise to assist CAST with the development of the editorial process. Hindawi adds its operational and system expertise to develop the publishing platform and perform all production tasks.

The development of Hindawi’s Publishing Partnership program started in 2016 with a project to flip subscription journals from Wiley’s journal program. This work started a series of discussions on the potential for Hindawi to use its systems to collaborate with journal publishers. We felt that there were many publishers struggling with Open Access due to legacy systems and processes that were either inefficient or prohibitively expensive.

Hindawi’s answer was to develop its ‘white label’ solution that could be utilized by other publishers to start new journals or transition existing ones to Open Access. It was developed in two configurations: complete support from submission to publication or a lighter post acceptance version, supporting from the completion of peer-review to publication.

Developing and adapting our own systems to allow us to support this journal was the first step in being able to efficiently offer services to other publishers or institutions. The next step was to start working on the development of new systems for our publishing partnerships – systems that are built in a modular form and offer greater customization.

Working collaboratively allows us to serve our authors, editors, institutions, and societies more efficiently. Click To Tweet

The major work is currently being performed as part of a bigger commitment to platform development that we are undertaking in partnership with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko)eLife, University of California Press and Hindawi are all developing publication modules as part of the Coko framework. These could be submission modules, peer-review modules or new journal platforms. One of the key goals is to release all the code open source and to provide sufficient documentation to allow for reuse.

Hindawi’s first development as part of this project is an editorial management platform to be used by publishing partners. We expect to release the first version in early July with the first journals being published around September this year.

Working collaboratively allows us to serve our authors, editors, institutions, and societies more efficiently. Publishing partnerships offer an avenue to efficiency while enabling greater diversity – something that benefits all stakeholders.

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