Caring for our Community — Appointment of an Editorial Community Manager


Science is rarely performed in isolation. Researchers correct, refine and advance the understanding of those who came before them, such that we have a better comprehension of the world around us. We work together in groups, and collaborate across borders, pooling disparate talents to develop insights which simply couldn’t be otherwise achieved. When we come to disseminate our work, we again look to our peers. Academic editors assess the fit of a piece of work for a particular journal, while technical experts in the field review the manuscripts and consider the quality, novelty and importance of the science. Even once published, researchers come together to discuss papers, via journal clubs, blogs and social networks, or more formally through review articles. Within this ecosystem, successful researchers may — or perhaps must — adopt a number of different roles. In this context it is clear that through collective contributions, all members of the group benefit. This is what drives the scientific community.

Here at Hindawi, we are immensely grateful for the commitment of the Editorial Boards across our portfolio of journals. They perform an incredibly important task, shaping the journals’ scope, maintaining their standards, and helping them become recognized as important resources within their respective fields. Our editorial community lies at the heart of what we do.

With this in mind, we want to support our Editorial Boards as much as possible, and my appointment as an Editorial Community Manager will help us achieve that goal. I bring with me both research and editorial experience. I read for an MChem degree from the University of Sheffield, before embarking upon a PhD in Molecular Magnetism from the University of Manchester — the latter including a period at the University of Valencia. I continued at Manchester as a Doctoral Prize Fellow, followed by a postdoctoral position at the University of Sydney. I then joined Springer Nature as an Editor of the open access journal Nature Communications. A year later I transferred to edit Nature Chemistry, where I stayed until my move to Hindawi. Here I will support the Editorial Boards of our Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science journals.

My new position comes with it the express intention of building close relationships with our Editorial Board Members. I want to listen to their concerns and proactively implement solutions, but I also want to make their role a more rewarding experience, and put them more in touch with the journals they represent than ever before. We will work together to improve our journals’ quality, impact and visibility, and in turn deliver a better service for our authors.

Editorial Community Manager Thomas FaustWe will announce the appointment of Editorial Community Managers for our other disciplines soon, but in the meantime I look forward to interacting with our Editorial Board Members and am excited about what we can achieve together.
– Thomas

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