Guidance on leading Special Issues

Special Issues at Hindawi

We recently launched a new section of our website that provides prospective Lead Guest Editors with information on the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of leading a Special Issue. The new pages explain how to prepare a proposal, write a Call for Papers, and what to expect during the process.

Editors, authors, and readers alike find great value in Special Issues. Guest Editors find the role rewarding in its own right, as well as finding that it provides a number of onward benefits. It marks them out as proactive and influential leaders within their discipline and enables fruitful networking with the editorial team, referees, and authors.

Authors benefit by having their work visible next to related content. Indeed, on average, an article in a Special Issue receives over 20% more citations than an article published in the regular section of the journal. For interested researchers, these collections of research papers with a common focus, complemented by topical reviews, provide a ready packaged resource. Readers can browse the Special Issue for focused content on a specific topic or download the entire issue as reference material.

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