BioDesign Research joins the Science Partner Journal program

We are pleased to announce that BioDesign Research is the latest title to join the Science Partner Journal program from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the second in collaboration with Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU).

BioDesign Research is dedicated to information exchange in the interdisciplinary field of biosystems design. Its unique mission is to pave the way towards the predictable de novo design and assessment of engineered and reengineered living organisms using rational or automated methods to address global challenges in health, agriculture, and the environment.

BioDesign Research will publish high quality breakthrough research, reviews, editorials, and perspectives focusing on in silico biosystems design, genetic or epigenetic modifications, and genome writing or rewriting in any organism. Topics will include but are not limited to: genome-writing and rewriting; biological engineering at the level of chemical, molecule, pathway, tissue, organ, and organism; methods/tools for biodesign; biodesign theory; and biodesign applications.

BioDesign Research’s editorial board, led by Xiaohan Yang (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Stanley Qi (Stanford University) and Alfonso Jaramillo (University of Warwick), is comprised of active researchers and experts selected from a pool of scholars who have made significant and well recognized contributions to the field of biodesign research.

BioDesign Research is the fourth title to join the Science Partner Journal program, publishing high-quality, online-only, open-access original research, rapid reports, reviews and perspectives.  All articles are published in the journal using a Creative Commons attribution license (CC-BY 4.0).

The partnership between AAAS and Hindawi, announced in 2017, has been a success, allowing new open access titles to be launched quickly and to a high standard, powered by Hindawi’s technology.

Richard Bennett, Chief Commercial Officer at Hindawi, said “After the success of their first SPJ journal, Plant Phenomics, we are honored to have been chosen to support Nanjing Agricultural University’s new launch, BioDesign Research. It is really exciting to watch the Science Partner Journal program develop further and we look forward to working with AAAS closely as the program continues to grow”.

Bill Moran, Publisher of the Science Family of Journals at AAAS, stated “We are very happy to be expanding the Science Partner Journal program with an additional title in partnership with Nanjing Agricultural University. We expect BioDesign Research to have an impactful contribution to the field of biosystems design and we’re eager to continue to invest in this program and in our collaborations with prestigious international associations and companies like Hindawi.”

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